Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows
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For an economical and durable alternative to vinyl windows, take a look at Varga’s long-lasting aluminum windows. Manufactured in-house, our aluminum windows are low-cost, high performance and very durable; perfect for residential buildings or commercial/industrial applications in high traffic areas. Thanks to the heavy-gauge extruded aluminum that we use in manufacturing, you can trust that our custom aluminum windows will stay in excellent condition long after installation.

  1. 3 ½-inch and 4-inch; thermally broken aluminum windows come with a unique cross venting system, which allows for fresh air without sacrificing security. (Combination windows are limited to 4-inch only).
  2. All aluminum material is heavy gauge extrusion (T5 6063) for superior strength.
  3. Designed with internal drain system to provide quick drainage during heavy rainstorms.
  4. Vinyl thermal brake separates frame for better thermal performance and less condensation buildup.
  5. Operating glass inserts are single/single with standard 3mm glass (or half-inch thermos for exterior set) and slide-on nylon glides.
  6. Interior sliders have metal locks with an additional night latch for safety. (4-inch travel lock is available)
  7. All operating inserts and screens are mechanically fastened for easy glass replacement.
  8. Inserts are fully weather-stripped on both sides, maximizing energy conservation while providing better protection against the elements.
  9. All inserts are removable from the inside for easy cleaning.
  10. Screen frames are extruded (not roll formed) for safety and strength, and come with aluminum handles for durability.
  1. Exterior colours include white, commercial brown, chocolate brown, cream, sandalwood, pearl gray, black, clear anodized and mill finish.  (Custom colours available)
  2. Interior colours for combination windows are limited to white, commercial brown, clear anodized and cream. (Custom colours available)

If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Southern Ontario, contact us for more information on aluminum windows here.

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