Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures
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Porch enclosures offer additional comfort, space, value and beauty to your home, which can be used as extra dining space, an entertainment area, solarium, guest room and more. The design of Varga porch enclosures blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of the existing home, and can be customized with different aluminum colors, indoor or outdoor carpeting, lighting, ceiling fans, skylights or different roof types.

Porch enclosures also help protect from the elements. During winter months, porch enclosures help save money on heating bills, as they act as a barrier to the snow and wind. In the summer months, porch enclosures can provide additional coverage and shade to help protect against the heat, rain and insects.

Varga porch enclosures are manufactured in Ontario, Canada with heavy gauge, extruded, aluminum framing in a wide selection of baked-on-enamel finishes A variety of glass options are also available. The manufacturing process provides strength and years of durability.

  1. Varga Windows porch enclosures are easy to install, easy to transport, and custom manufactured for each individual need.
  2. All of our 2-inch aluminum material is manufactured using heavy gauge extruded aluminum to provide maximum ventilation and light without losing strength and durability.
  3. Available in a variety of glass options.
  4. Porch enclosures can be constructed in a variety of configurations, from vertical or horizontal venting to fixed panels.
  5. Available with aluminum kick panel bottoms or optional tempered glass panels for optimal viewing.
  6. Varga offers a selection of hinged storm doors or sliding patio doors, available in a range of door hardware options.

White, Black, Sandalwood, Cream, Pearl Grey, and Chocolate Brown. (Custom painting available)

If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Southern Ontario, contact us for more information on porch enclosures here.

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