Screen Enclosures

Screen Enclosures
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Varga Windows screen enclosures are manufactured with the same material and options as our porch enclosure system, however with screen inserts instead of glass. Even though these screen enclosures are built to provide an area free of insects, they are still manufactured with the same heavy-duty extruded aluminum material as our porch enclosures. Screen enclosures are ideal for front entrances, mudrooms, back sunrooms, balconies, hot tubs, gazebos, vestibules, and basement stairwell entrances.

  1. Easy to transport and install.
  2. Available in standard black fiber glass mesh screen.
  3. Pet mesh screen is also available, for a stronger fibre that limits rips or tears from pets.
  4. Varga offers floor-to-ceiling screens or optional tempered glass bottom panels, which can be built with interchangeable glass panels for increased usage in the spring or fall.
  5. Several door system options are available, all custom built to blend seamlessly with each home aesthetic.

White, Black, Sandalwood, Cream, Pearl Grey, and Chocolate Brown.

If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Southern Ontario, contact us for more information on screen enclosures here.

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