Storm Doors

Storm Doors
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If you’re wanting a clear view out your front door, but still want your home protected from the weather, look no further than Varga Storm Doors. These energy-efficient, heavy duty doors will help to buffer winds and rain by acting as a second unit against the primary door. Storm doors are available in 1 ½-inch and 2-inches thick, with tempered safety glass, double weather stripping, heavy crossbars for rigidity and strong corners to ensure sturdiness. All doors come with heavy duty door closures. Available with a variety of styles, sweeps, handles and glass options, Varga Storm Doors can be made to suit any space or aesthetic.

  1. Heavy duty closures and DX pull handles compliment a wide range of décor styles and provides additional security
  2. Elegant and easy to operate handle replaces the push button handle on your door
  3. Optional colour-matching key lock & deadbolt is available
  4. Hinges are heavy duty, non-corrosive and self-lubricating
  5. Available with double-stucco embossed kick panels
  6. Operating inserts stop at various positions to allow for easy ventilation control
  7. Inserts are removable from the inside for easy cleaning

White, Black, Sandalwood, Ivory, Pearl Grey, Chocolate Brown, Mill and Commercial Brown.

If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Southern Ontario, contact us for more information on storm doors here.

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